• Use powerful IGBT switches and advanced inverter control technology.
  • Use digital and PWM control technology. The products belong to a high technology inverter welding machine.
  • DC MIG/MAG, MMA welding process methods can be selected.
  • Welding wire diameters (0.8, 1.0mm) can be selected.
  • Excellent arc characteristics, good welding performance and little spatter.
  • High weld quality, deep bath and strength. Lower heat input, small deformation after welding. Minimizing, lightness, it can be moved easily, and energy savings up to 30%.
  • With auto protection functions of over current and over-heat.
  • The welding material of the thin, medium and heavy plate can be welded.
  • Be able to weld all kinds of metal, for example, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy, etc.



  • Construction & Assembly Sites
  • Light Industry Iron & Steels Processing Factories
  • Home & Furniture Application
  • Equipment Assemble & Repairs
  • General Application

    i-WELD GMAW 200 DI




    GMAW 200 DI
    Product Specification
    Input Voltage (V) One phase 240V ± 15%
    Frequency (HZ) 50/60
    Rated input current (A) 26.5
    Output current (A) 30-200
    Rated output voltage (V) 16.5-26.5
    Rated Duty Cycle (%) 60
    Power factor 0.73
    Efficiency(%) ≥80
    Wire feed speed(m/ min) 3-15
    Post flow time(S) 1.0±0.5
    Wire diameter(mm) 0.8/1.0
    Insulation grade F
    Housing protection grade IP21S
    Applicable thickness(mm) over 1.0
    Weight (kg) 23.9
    Dimensions (mm) W620*L360*H450