GTAW is used to weld thin sections of stainless steel, magnesium, aluminum, and copper alloys. But it can weld all types of metals. 


  • Produces clean and high quality welds with precision
  • Welds a wide range of metals
  • No spatter, sparks or smoke
  • Allows for all welding positions



  • Weld thin metal sheets
  • Weld small diameter and thin wall tubing
  • Aerospace industries
  • Bicycle industries
  • Maintenance and repair work
  • Piping

    i-WELD GTAW 220P AC/DC




    GTAW 220P AC/DC
    Product Specification
    Input Voltage (V) One phase 240V + 15%
    Frequency (HZ) 50/60
    Rated input capacity (KVA) 9.2
    Rated input current(A) 42
    Output current(A) 10-220
    No-load Voltage (V) 63.5
    Rated output voltage(V) 28
    Rated Duty Cycle (%) 60
    Power factor 0.93
    Efficiency(%) ≥85
    Insulation grade H
    Housing protection grade IP21S
    TIG Electrode Size (mm) 1.6- 3.2
    Weight (kg) 21
    Dimensions (mm) W275*L465*H465