AIRBANK 26″ Industrial Mist Stand Fan




F 650MS
Product Specification
Fan Diameter 650 mm (26 inches)
Fan Oscillation Adjustable 90° degrees automatically
Fan Tilt Adjustable 30° degrees
Available Area 70 m²
Temperatures Drop 3°C – 8°C
Operation Temperature 10°C – 60°C
Operation Humidity 10% – 85%
Working Voltage 220V – 240V
Water Tank Capacity 40L
Continuance Water Supply 9 hours


ALFRA sets new standards in magnet technology!

Our permanent magnets are activated according to a patented principle, completely independent from the power supply – 100% safe and permanently stable!

ALFRA is worldwide licensee of this patented system that
allows you to drill, lift, position and transport 3 mm material

ALFRA RotaBest Metal Core Drilling Machines

🔸 100% Safe and Energy Saving
🔸 Completely new, ergonomic operating concept

🔸 Made in Germany


✔ Built-in overload protection and emergency shut-down
✔ Soft start
✔ Stepless height adjustment
✔ Membrane keypad
✔ Soft-touch handles
✔ Optimized for performance and weight
✔ Ergonomic keypad

Redefining Metal Core Drilling!