Distinctive Features:


  • This press, entirely unlike other conventional ram sliding type, is of a ram traversing type with a screw mechanism developed newly by our organization. This special system eliminates perfectly irregular sliding and vibration. Perfect precision aligning is available for bush and bearing fitting   operations and driving-in, piercing and shaft centering works can be performed with effortless handling with high standard of efficiency.
  • Cylinders and related parts are subjected to high pressure test and they lend themselves to be treated as tools of accepted stability. Operations on this press are all simplified with the least effort.
  • Inside of cylinder is precision machined and even after a long year’s service, no oil leakage occurs, permitting high efficiency production, and assurance of uniform quality of the products

          Oil Hydraulic Press


          JL-15 A
          Product Specification
          Capacity 15 Ton
          Height 1,650 mm
          Transverse width 800 mm
          Floor area 860 x 750 mm²
          Cylinder bore 80 mm
          Rod stroke 100 mm
          Screw stroke 110 mm
          Pressure 300 kg/cm²
          Between-centre distance

          of aligning machine

           530 mm
          Displacement of ram 240 mm
          Vertical displacement

          of table

          580 mm
          Oil capacity Approximately 1L
          Weight 190 kg