ALFRA Hydraulic Punching Press APS 110D




APS 110D
Product Specification
Max. hole Ø mm 25 mm
Max. oblong holes 25 x 18 mm
Max. material thickness
(DIN S275)
16 mm
Total punch time (SC-17D) 8 sec
Throat depth 110 mm
Max. pressure 700 bar
Punching force 44 t
Punch stroke 25 mm
Weight 38.5 kg



ALFRA Passion for Tools

ALFRA Hydraulic Press is easily portable, fully automatic, hydraulic punching equipment for steel, bridge, container, crane and metal construction without pre-drilling.


✔ Hydraulic Punching Unit with Automatic Return
✔ Virtually noiseless punching
✔ Stop function of the punch allows for easy positioning

✔ Made in Germany