ALFRA Hydraulic Punching Press APS 120




APS 120
Product Specification
Max. hole Ø mm 25 mm
Max. oblong holes 25 x 18 mm
Max. material thickness
(DIN S275)
16 mm
Total punch time

with pump SC 05 II B

with pump SC 17


16 sec

5 sec

Throat depth 110 mm
Max. pressure 700 bar
Punching force 44 t
Punch stroke 25 mm
Weight 47.3 kg


 ALFRA Hydraulic Press is easily portable, fully automatic, hydraulic punching equipment for steel, bridge, container, crane and metal construction without pre-drilling.


✔ Hydraulic Punching Unit with Automatic Return
✔ Virtually noiseless punching
✔ Stop function of the punch allows for easy positioning
✔ Made in Germany