Fighter MIG 205DI IGBT Inverter MIG/MAG Welding Machine


Fighter by i-WELD


Product Specifications
Rated supply voltage 240V±15%
Supply frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated input capacity 8.3KVA
Rated supply current 34.5 A
No-load voltage 59 V
Welding current range 30-205A
Rated welding current 205 A
Rated welding voltage 24 V
Rated duty cycle 30%
Usable electrode  1.6-4.0 mm
Efficiency 85%
Power factor 0.9 Cosθ
Degrees of protection IP21S
Class of insulation H
Net weight 10.1 kg
Machine size 475x255x335mm


Technical Characteristics:


      • Use powerful IGBT switches and advanced inverter control technology.
      • Use digital and PWM control technology. The products belong to a high technology inverter welding machine.
      • DC MIG/MAG, MMA welding process methods can be selected.
      • Welding wire diameters (0.8, 1.0, 1.2mm) can be selected.
      • Welding Gun switch control mode (2T, 4T and spot welding) can be selected.
      • Excellent arc characteristics, good welding performance and little spatter.
      • High weld quality, deep bath and strength. Lower heat input, small deformation after welding.
      • Minimizing, lightness, it can be moved easily, and energy savings up to 30%.
      • With auto protection functions of over current and over-heat.
      • The welding material of the thin, medium and heavy plate can be welded.
      • Be able to weld all kinds of metal, for example, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy, etc.