Korea Technology


  • Fully Double Automatic Self-priming pump for Cold and Hot Water
  • Advance structure with Low Noise
  • Intelligent control by pressure, solve the frequently starting problems under low water flow
  • Brass impeller, stainless steel insert and shaft
  • 3 seconds delay on start-up to prevent electric transient surge
  • Pump shut down if no water flows past pump inlet after running 6 minutes, will restart while the water flow past pump inlet
  • Pump will automatically run 10 seconds for scale prevention once per 3 days among outage period



    HYUNDAI HPA250SP/HPA370SP Auto Peripheral Water Pump 0.33HP




    HPA250SP / HPA370SP
    Product Specification




    Power 0.25kW / 0.33HP 0.37kW / 0.5HP
    Q. max 38 L/min 40 L/min
    H.max 30 m 32 m
    Size 1″ X 1″ 1″ X 1″
    Voltage 240V 240V
    Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz
    Suction Lift 8 m 8 m
    No-Load Speed 2,850 rpm 2,850 rpm