• Three phase module IGBT inverter based, great efficiency and high power factor heavy duty DC rectifier
  • Light weight and compact design for maximum shop floor flexibility
  • Convenient for all nature of acidic, basic, stainless steel, cellulosic and low hydrogen alloy electrodes in all welding environments
  • High ambient temperature resistance up to 55°C
  • Output cable extensible up to 100 meters
  • IP 23S rating designed & approved for outdoor use
  • Assure constant weld functioning throughout fluctuation of input voltage up to ±20%
  • Risk-free to use in damp or humid welding atmospheres as a result, controlled Open Circuit Voltage
  • Can be mechanized from the channels or alternator communications, even via additional source cable work, hence excellent for on-site application
  • Armed with VRD system for your protection
  • Flexible hot-start and arc force designed for precise weld


  • Construction & Assembly Sites
  • Light Industry Iron & Steels Processing Factories
  • Home & Furniture Application
  • Equipments Assemble & Repairs
  • General Application

    i-WELD GMAW 400I




    GMAW 400I
    Product Specification