• Auto-Compensation-Function as to the power supply fluctuation, strong adaptability of anti power-supply fluctuation and stable welding current.
  • Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Over Hear Auto-Protection Function
  • Excellent arc Force Compensation Function
  • Reliable, light and small with High-Efficiency & high Energy savings.
  • Adaptable to the welding application in different kinds of acid or basic electrodes.
  • Adaptable to the welding application on different kind of low carbon steels, medium carbon steels and alloy-steels.



  • Construction & Assembly Sites
  • Light Industry Iron & Steels Processing Factories
  • Home & Furniture Application
  • Equipments Assemble & Repairs
  • General Application

    i-WELD SMAW 300I




    SMAW 300I
    Product Specification
    Power Voltage (V) AC415V±15%
    Frequency (Hz) 50
    Rated Input Current (KVA) 20
    Open Circuit Voltage (V) 65
    Amperage Range (A) 60 ~ 300
    Duty Cycle (%) 40
    Rated Welding Current (A) 300
    Cooling Method Fan
    Insulation Grade F
    Weight (Kg) 15
    Dimension (mm) 290 x 120 x 200