KENDE Welding Machine KD-MMA 160




KD-MMA 160
Product Specification
Output Current Range 20-160 A
Max. Electrode Diameter Φ 2.5
Rated Input Power 4.6 KVA
Rated Voltage 240 V
Rated Frequency 50 Hz
Net Weight 2.9 kg



✔ Use powerful IGBT, advanced microcomputer and inverter control technology

✔ Good arc characteristics and welding performance with strong ability of the anti-fluctuating of power supply voltage

✔ Minimizing, lightness, it can be moved easily, high quality and energy saving

✔ Auto protection function of over-current and over-heat

✔ Able to welding all kinds of metal, for example carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron as well as stainless steel etc.