Pumps designed to reduce industrial and domestic sewage to fine slurry.


  • The powerful integrated grinding mechanism particularly for grinding larger and heavier piece such as the poultry bones at the waste of the restaurant or the untreated sewage with larger hard solid inside.
  • The hard stainless steel made grinder and impeller together with the high torque motor perform the optimal grinding performance.
  • The triplex seals – Double mechanical seal plus an oil seal to isolate the motor from the sewage.
  • Unique Epoxy Cable Sealing Base ensures 100% capability to block the water vapor from entering the motor even the cable breaks.
  • Using heavy duty dual ball bearing on the bottom of the motor to support the axial push.
  • Equipped with a self-reset circle thermal protect or to prevent over-loading, locking of the impeller, and scorch damage to the motor from phrase failure.

    SHOWFOU Stainless Grinder Pump




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