• Single-phase, Portable Battery charger of charing lead-Acid Batteries 12/24V Voltage. Protected against over-load and Polarity reversal. Equipped with ammeter.
  • Various plug for your choosing.
  • Possibility of use in harsh conditions: IP23C.
  • The high power available means that all application requirement can be satisfied.

Smarter HIGHER-500 Battery Charger / Booster



Product Specification
Input voltage (V) 230
Rated working capacity (kW) Charging 1.6 start 10
Max starting current (A) 360
Adjustment positions 6
Charge voltage (V) 12/24
Rated charging current (A) 50
Max rated reference capacity (aH) 800
Min rated reference capacity (aH) 50
Fuse (A) 20
Weight (Kg) 25
External dimension (cm) 40.5 x 31.5 x 61.5